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Soldier Of Illusion 2024

Soldier Of Illusion 2024

Britain’s Got Talent Winner Richard Jones

2024 TOUR

Richard Jones, The Military Illusionist, captivated the nation's heart and mind, earning his spot as the

first and only magician to conquer the stage of Britain's Got Talent. Now, he's ready to raise the bar

even higher. With his unparalleled talents and a bag of never-before-seen tricks up his sleeve,

Richard will have you questioning the very fabric of reality!

Whether you're a die-hard magic enthusiast or simply seeking an unforgettable night of wondrous

entertainment, “SOLDIER OF ILLUSION" promises to be an experience you will be talking about for

years to come. Your ticket is a golden key to a realm of inexplicable feats, unbelievable illusions, and

a sense of awe that will rejuvenate your belief in the extraordinary!

The show also offers an exciting VIP Ticket option, allowing fans the unique personal experience of

meeting Richard Jones before the show for an exclusive 30 minutes of close-up magic, poster signing,

a photo opportunity and a gift.

Richard says:

"For this show, I invite audiences to be part of something truly magical and witness the impossible

come to life".

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Friday 1 Nov 20247:30pm