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Rave On 2024

Rave On 2024

Rave On is the 50s and 60s musical sensation sweeping the nation.

Charting the meteoric rise of Rock and Roll, Rave On is a thrilling tour through music’s most revolutionary decades.

Prepare to be enthralled with an evening of back to back

hits, vibrant vintage costumes, colourful staging and plenty

of dancing in the aisles! Featuring note perfect renditions

of the most loved songs from the 50s and 60s, Rave On is

performed by an incredibly talented, era-obsessed group

of young musicians. From the emergence of Rock and Roll

at Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee to the British

Invasion and beyond, this is a musical adventure you won’t want to miss.

Rave On features hits from the likes of Elvis Presley, Buddy

Holly, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Connie Francis, Neil

Sedaka, Little Richard, Roy Orbison, Lulu, The Beach Boys

and many more.

Rave On is a musical experience like no other, with

leading performers from West End Productions The Buddy

Holly Story, Million Dollar Quartet and Dreamboats &

Petticoats, Rave On transports you back to the fabulous

50’s and swinging 60’s in stunningly authentic style.

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Sunday 22 Sep 20247:30pm