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The Story of Guitar Heroes

The Story of Guitar Heroes


“If you like music and guitars you will LOVE this show!”

We all love a bit of guitar wielding in a song, it’s iconic, soulful and – oh what a beautiful instrument!

The Story of Guitar Heroes is an awe-inspiring, dynamic show which transports you

through time: from the 1950’s with artistes such as Chuck Berry and Hank Marvin

from The Shadows, including gifted legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and

Jimmy Page, through to modern day players such as the great Brian May and the

electrifying Steve Vai, to name but a few!

Presented by guitar virtuoso Phil Walker - this show’s extraordinarily talented band

uses over 30 guitars to recreate and accurately reproduce the sound and ambiance

of each guitar hero. Featuring video footage of historical moments, with state-of-theart lighting and delivered with a light hearted vibe – this makes for a truly sensational

and enjoyable evening.

Now in its 5th year, The Story of Guitar Heroes has become increasingly popular not

only with many guitar players and musicians, but with people and families of all ages.

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Wednesday 11 Mar 20207:30pm