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Johann Strauss Gala Concert

Johann Strauss Gala Concert

The K&K Philharmonic on tour with the “Viennese Johann Strauss Gala Concert”

Since 1996, Matthias Georg Kendlinger’s K&K cult classic “Made in Austria” has cast its spell over more than one million delighted visitors throughout Europe. With entrancing melodies full of light-hearted joie de vivre, the K&K Philharmonic invite you to an evening you won’t want to miss!

A charming lightness and jaunty tempos combine to give a taste of the Austrian lifestyle.

The K&K Philharmonic brings a magnificent musical melange of popular Viennese melodies in a carefully selected programme. As ever, the performance will culminate in a grand finale comprising the Blue Danube Waltz and the Radetzky March.

“Viennese, nostalgic, simply excellent!” (Leipziger Volkszeitung)

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Tuesday 11 Feb 20207:30pm